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Rather your child has an official diagnosis or you suspect he or she may have some challenges, the survival kit employs a streamlined approach to give you the answers you need, now!


The ADHD Survival Kit tackles not one, but all four challenges, ensuring that you have the best tools, information and guides at your fingertips! 

Who is the Survival Kit for?

For parents of children struggling with sensory, attention, behavior and anxiety issues.


For parents questioning overlapping symptoms, treatment or a diagnosis

For parents seeking life-long solutions and the ability to truly thrive, not just survive!

The survival kit is predominantly focused on ADHD; however, given the common overlap and misdiagnosis of sensory, anxiety and gifted/2e issues, we have addressed all four issues. 

Although ADHD, SPD and Anxiety do not always go hand-in-hand, it is not uncommon for a child to be diagnosed with all three. Or for a child to be diagnosed with one, only later to discover the symptoms were actually more reflective of another disorder. Our goal is to arm you with the information and tools you need to seek the right treatment!

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What's Included in the Survival Kit?

The ADHD Survival Kit offers more than 200 pages of research, solutions and worksheets! Provided as 10 downloadable sections, the kit allows you to progress at your own pace in the privacy of your home!

Each section is complete with action items and worksheets. In addition, we provide you with a downloadable workbook to easily mark your progress, additional references for further research and bonus materials!

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Parenting a child with sensory, behavior and anxiety challenges can be overwhelming, but with perspective and tools you can find lifelong solutions! Is it ADHD, SPD, anxiety, depression, giftedness, allergies or just naughty behavior? Explore the complex world of a neurodiverse child and discover the magic of new beginnings!

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We believe in getting to the root of the issue by understanding the similarities and differences in overlapping symptoms. Get the facts and explore the signs and symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), and anxiety disorders. 


The idea of "labeling" your child can create a sense of panic for any parent. We understand! We take a deep dive into the pros and cons of getting a diagnosis, what to expect of a professional evaluation, and the longterm benefits of early intervention.


Believe it or not, treatment starts at home! Learn the seven foundational strategies to begin developing a life-long management plan for your child. Inspired by nature, the tools for success are right in your own "backyard."


Explore traditional treatment options including medication, therapy and alternative strategies. The concept that medication is the only option is absolutely not true! Treatment options today are customized to meet the unique challenges of your child.


School is often the epicenter of behavior challenges stemming from overload and anxiety. Explore the many education options and how to determine the best fit for your child! In addition, we'll take a deep dive into IEP and 504 plans, including your legal rights. 


Family dynamics are challenging enough without the extra pressure of sensory and behavior issues. Explore practical solutions for tackling marriage struggles, sibling rivalry and jealousy, holidays and family traditions, and self-care. 


Learn to live beyond ADHD, SPD and anxiety! The survival kit goes beyond "survival" and explores opportunities to raise help your child reach his or her full potential. Learn how to raise an exceptional child against the odds! 


A downloadable workbook complete with all worksheets, action items and quick-guides allows for easy reference as you work your way through the survival kit.

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We have included a resources section complete with books, organizations and research articles for further reference.

Bonuses?! Why yes, we think so!

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